5 Amazing Futuristic Watches

With a world full of technology obsessed people and fans exploring futuristic products and designs it is extremely exciting to take a look at some potential products and gadgets which could be available on the market in the near future. If your not looking for the average digital watch or rotary watches from retailers like Watch Warehouse and your looking for something a lot funkier and even dam right outrageous then take a look at some of these futuristic watches which will certainly impress your friends but not your bank balance.

Luxury iPod Nano Watches

Ok so their are a multitude of products and accessories which can turn your iPod nano into a cool watch but if you want to go that step further and be the envy of all your friends then maybe the Luxury iPod Nano Watches are for you. Plastered in diamonds these Luxury Nano Watches are perfect for the more stylish of us and people who like to show off their fortunes.

21st Century Pocket Watches

Now these 21st Century Pocket Watches take a classic concept and design and make it modern, hip and trendy. You may remember your grandparents owning pocket watches and they are still in existence today with some really antique ones fetching thousands a auction houses. Now’s your chance to get a trendy version of an old classic timeless design.

iWatch Concept iPhone Like Watches

Since the touch screen smart phone hit the market a few years ago they have been a massive success and now most modern day users own a touch screen mobile phone. Come a pretty long way since those mobiles the size of house bricks with the huge arials ey? Well here is an iPhone like Concept Design which I think most smart users would love to own. It takes all the elements of the modern day iPhones such as weather information and notifications and packs it all into a very small stylish watch design. I personally would love one of these and I think it would be pretty cool if it could actually sync with your iPhone so you could read text messages and emails etc without having to get your phone out your pocket.

Revolving Bracelet Watches

The Revolving Bracelet Watch is designed by a Russian company and is made of 3 separate ring bracelets that work together to display the time. This watch is more of a fashion statement and would complement any dress up occasion for going out. The 3 bracelets work together to display the time in Hours, Minutes and Seconds seamlessly.

Beat Pumping Watches

Now this is a pretty cool watch and one of my favourites. This Beat Pumping Watch plays music aswel as telling the time. Pretty cool if your like me and do a lot of running and cycling. Saves taking your mobile phone out in your pocket and risk dropping or losing it. This watch splits in 2 halves with USB connectivity to transfer music onto your watch easily and quickly. The only major floor with this is that its been designed without a headphone jack. What use is that now?

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