JRPG’s in decline?

Hey again, TechGoo.

For my first official article at TG, I thought I might talk about the upsetting fall of JRPG.

As an old school gamer, I started with the Sega Genesis, playing games like Streets of Rage 2 and Sonic The Hedgehog. But I didn’t really get into games until I bought a PSX. Games like Chrono Chross, Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy 7 and 8, Xenogears, and Ar Tonelico. Sure I had other games like Parappa The Rapper, Frogger, and Gran Turismo, but those were nothing compared to the battle system of Threads of Fate and comedy of Thousand Arms.

Apparently, ‘industry experts’ attribute the fall of the JRPG to its distict lack of change through the last 2 decades, being the same games over and over. Just rehashing the characters, kinda changing the story, and playing with the combat system slightly.


I like the fact that JRPG’s haven’t changed over the years. Its a refreshing feeling to know that there is something that hasn’t been corrupted in today’s world.

But to contrast that, I understand that in this ever-changing society, the average person needs atleast 32 flavors and 6 different cones. And sometimes I try to think of ways to update the JRPG but there isn’t many. (Maybe some of you can think of some ideas for Square Enix in the comment section below)

Racing games, I think haven’t changed much in years since they only come in three basic genres: arcade, such as Blur and Split/Secound; thrill, such as Burnout and NFS; and driving simulation such as Gran Turismo and Forza.

Sports games come in one flavor, it only depends on their sport. Sure we had games like The Bigs, and the Street series but those lasted one maybe two games. Every year they just update the stats, roster, and graphics. Thats it. NBA 2K11 is the same game as NBA 2K1.

With those in mind, is JRPG really falling behind? Or is the market for the average American gamer just trying to fuss about something since they haven’t had their proper fill of a good JRPG in recent years?

We just received FFXIII but compared to most JRPG’s it wasn’t exactly your average game. The probably last, best True-JRPG was Lost Odyssey, compliments of Mistwalker Studios.

Maybe the lack in JRPG’s is the recent, total take-over by MMORPG’s. But thats my view on things.

If anyone wishes to argue my article, please leave your arguments in the comment section below.

‘Noblesse Oblige’

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