4 Things to Keep In Mind When Creating A Website With A Full Screen Background Image

Many people choose to make their business website background an image rather than just having some neutral color. And if you are one of them and are looking for guidance on how to do it correctly, then this post is definitely for you. Below, we will look at the four things you should know about when choosing an image for your website background.

Image Quality

Never compromise on the image quality. Remember that the photo is going to attract the biggest attention from the visitor. As such, its quality can give the user an idea as to how good the website is. If you use crisp, sharp pictures, then visitors are likely to see your website as something top-notch and will be willing to explore it further. In contrast, put a low resolution, hazy picture as a background and the user is very likely to lose interest in exploring the site anymore.  Most websites that provide royalty free photos do come with a feature that enables you to choose the same image from a wide range of resolutions.

Site Performance

Now, using a large, high-quality image as a background will come at a price – longer loading times. And unfortunately, this is something you cannot just brush off. Sure, you can use photo editing software and reduce the size of the image. But the fact that it is still big enough might bring some headaches when trying to make the page load faster. So, if you think that an image you prefer might slow down the loading of your website, then it is recommended that you avoid it and look for a similar image that does not negatively affect the site performance.

Contrasting Colors

Always keep in mind the primary purpose of a background image – to act as a background. If you use a picture that has too many colors that the text content of the webpage is not easily readable, then you should use some other picture as the background of your website. The picture must have a color that is in contrast to the color of the text content. This will give the best results in terms of readability.

Using Shapes

Now, even if you use a good contrast image, it is likely that some text content might not be very well readable. In such situations, a good thing to do will be to place shape between the text and the background image. For example, if the text is white, then you can place a dark brown rectangle just beneath the text, but above the background. By doing so, you will make the text easily readable for all those who visit the website.

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