4 Reasons Why You Need to Utilise Microsoft Excel in Your Workplace

Have you ever worked in an office where Microsoft Excel hasn’t been utilised in some way? Of course not. So, if you are looking at purchasing new software for your own start up, are you considering utilising Microsoft Excel? You should be. There are numerous benefits to employing this kind of software for your company:


Photo Credit: Craig Chew-Moulding

1. Build a Better Business

As everyone has encountered MS Excel at some point during their career, they will be used to the functions that it offers. So, not only have you got a cost-effective solution to storing and manipulating data, but you also have a tool that requires minimal training. The ability to save time and money on training staff is critical to your business (especially for start ups that have limited budgets). Excel spreadsheets are used more and more in the financial sector due to its usability and its ease of access. Excel is utilised by marketing, finance, HR, administration and sales in order to store and manipulate its data. Every business has at least one of these departments within its empire and the employees within your organisation will have encountered MS Excel in their careers previously. If I haven’t stressed the point enough: this saves time and money on staff training.

2. We Love Charts!

Excel allows businesses to create big, bold charts. If this doesn’t sound appealing, it will do. Charts allow you and your shareholders to see profitability with ease.  Whatever campaign or project you decide to embark on will obviously have a cost-risk analysis.  You will need to be able to demonstrate that the project or campaign that you wish to undertake will be profitable. MS Excel will assist you with this and then sum up the relevant information into an oh-so-pretty chart with a simple click of a button. This means that you have the relevant information to hand. Even if you are in the planning stages of a new project, you can see whether this is going to be viable and profitable by utilising MS Excel. It is much easier to calculate via MS Excel than it is with a calculator! Should you be ready to present your analysis, you can ensure that your audience is captivated by making the charts big, bold and beautiful. Well, as beautiful as numbers and stats can be! If you want to take a look at Microsoft software that is available for purchase, check out Software King Canada.

3. Trend Identification

It is all well and good having a big, bold chart but what if you need to keep on top of trends within your business? When you present your data in charts or graphs, you can add ‘average’ lines which will automatically update to any trends that have been discovered since the inputting of new raw data. This allows you to predict future activity and gives you a wider scope for forecasting. This is perfect for those who need to develop their business strategy in a much more effective and robust way.

4. Online Access

Excel is available as part of Microsoft Office 365 Productivity Suite. This means that companies and partners can have access to the desired information from a range of devices from any location in the world. This cloud based solution offers a wide range of benefits to businesses that need to access their information instantaneously from any part of the world. In short, this is a flexible solution to your business needs.

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