4 iPhone Apps Which Will Help you Sleep Better

With medical studies which suggest you should be getting at least 7 hours sleep each night just so your mind can function correctly you need to ensure your relaxed and calm before your head hits that pillow. Apps aside you can certainly make sure you have a calm atmosphere and a clear mind by ensuring your bedroom is tidy and free from clutter. You could also ensure you have a large enough bed with a luxury mattress, some very confortable pillows and luxury bedding which you can get from companies like the Yorkshire bedding shop and a few other places like American Mattress.

Now your bedroom is free from clutter and you have some new fresh bedding we can now start to look at some iPhone apps available on the App Store which should also help to ensure you get a good nights sleep.

Pzizz Sleep

The Pzizz although I can’t actually pronounce it, claims to be your personal sleep assistant and companion. Its an app which claims to cure insomnia and keep people in a deep sleep throughout the whole night. It has some good built in technology such as binaural beats with more than a billion different soundtracks. You can customise the length of each track to suit your sleeping pattern and there are different modes to choose from.

Long Deep Breathing

This Long Deep Breathing App is a little different to the other sleeping apps available on the App Store. Its a standard app which helps you breathe better with breathing exercises. This maybe pretty useful if you struggle to breathe through the night or snore a lot. It works by simulating a breathe gauge so you follow the process of inhaling and exhaling to each session. The longer and deeper breaths you can take the better. There are also good facts and information within the app about breathing.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Now this Sleep Cycle app is pretty interesting. Ever wanted to find out what happens in your sleep in terms of your sleeping habits? Well the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock actually tracks your sleeping habits by you keeping you phone close to you while you sleep. It monitors things like your movement and actually wakes you slowly when it knows your in your lightest sleep and are ready to wake up so you are feeling rejuvenated and refreshed for your day ahead.

Relaxing Ambiance

Now getting yourself rocked off to sleep is much easier for most when you listen to the different sounds of nature from the Relaxing Ambiance app. Those sounds just help you relax and generally be a much calmer person. In this Relaxing Ambiance app there are around 50 natural sounds to choose from including waterfall sounds, wind chimes, flowing streams and flutes. The basic principle is that you put your soundtrack together from these different sounds and you play this before you fall asleep. You can set the length of the track and which sounds you want to listen to so that when you are actually finally asleep the sounds stop. You can even set the sounds to come back on again as an alarm for in the morning so you wake up feeling refreshed and as calm as you did before you went asleep.

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