10 of the Worlds Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets

We all have gadgets in our kitchens, sometimes to match our high tech kitchen furniture and other times just to make our lives easier. From coffee makers to blenders, fridge freezers with water and ice making facilities to breadmakers, you will be hard pressed to find a kitchen that hasn’t got some kind of gadgets installed.

But some gadgets are more expensive than others. We check out 10 of the world’s most expensive kitchen gadgets!

1. Skybar Wine System

The Skybar Wine System is the cheapest of our 10 expensive kitchen gadgets at only £550. It enables you to chill, pour and preserve wine all from a single system. At the press of a button, your favourite bottle of red (or white) is chilled to its ideal serving temperature.

2. Viking 30″ Custom Warming Drawer

If you are not content with keeping any food on plates warm by heating them in your cooker or zapping them in the microwave, then you need a gadget specifically designed to keep your plates at just the right temperature, such as this £1,025 Viking custom warming drawer.

3. Siemens Espresso Coffee Machine

For just £1,279, you can buy yourself a Siemens IQ-700 espresso machine for your kitchen! With a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, you can be sure that this stainless steel espresso coffee machine is backed up by a reliable support system should anything go wrong.

4. Miele G5620 SC Dishwasher

This stylish and modern looking dishwasher is a bargain at only £1400. Miele is a German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances, and the G5620 SC dishwasher certainly lives up to its maker’s reputation. Apart from its sleek good looks, it is also energy efficient (rated at A+++), and the price even includes delivery, fitting and disposal of your old dishwasher.

5. Whirlpool Stainless Steel Washing Machine

The Whirlpool PROW0614II stainless steel washing machine is designed to make light work of your washing. With a 6 kilogram drum, it can easily wash up to 30 T-shirts at a time, and it uses a “smart seal” system, eliminating the need for bellows between the drum and the cabinet – meaning less wear and tear. A snip at only £1,549!

6. Wolf Built-in Combination Microwave

The Wolf ICBMW30-240 combination microwave offers a massive 40 litre capacity and a removable turntable that can accommodate bigger dishes with ease.

7. Gastrovac

The Gastrovac is a compact appliance for cooking and frying food in a vacuum. By creating an artificial low pressure inside the cooker, it significantly reduces cooking time and helps to keep the flavour and texture of food as it should be. The Gastrovac costs a mere £3,420.

8. Beefeater BBQ Grill

The BeefEater Signature SL-4000S 6-burner gas barbecue is one of the most expensive kitchen gadgets on the planet. Priced at £4,139 this all stainless-steel BBQ has five high performance burners as well as an integrated side wok burner.

9. The Corner Fridge

This curious looking all stainless-steel fridge freezer dubbed The Corner Fridge is a work of art. It has a 1,300 litre capacity and is often referred to as the Tardis of the refrigerator world! A behemoth of a fridge freezer, it can be yours for just £4,900!

10. Sveid Corkscrew

The world’s most expensive corkscrew, the Sveid Corkscrew, costs £42,000 and is only made to order. It is made of titanium and has a fingertip lever which is made of 18-carat gold – although one can request it be made from platinum instead.

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